Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Yelefo doing?

Yelefo is a starup which helps to link Manufacturers and Distributors. Right now manufacturers are stuggling in finding appropriate Distributors and eventually Distributors are also finding hard to know which manufacturer is in need of Distribution. So we have designed a portal to make sure they know each other.

2) Do Yelefo Charge for any Service?

We Don't have paid Promotion Schemes for now. But in future if we need a revenue we will charge a little but we also will be having free schemes

3) Why do Yelefo do it for free?

We Know that not all people can't afford so we make it accessible to all.

4) Do Yelefo Verifies Profiles?

Right Now we verify only the e-mail address which the user updates and also we check random details of the users to verify the clients are valid. In Future, we make sure to validate all the details, so we will have only valid Clients. It makes all Happy.

5) Is the Datas we provide safe with Yelefo?

We have HTTPS secured Connection. We also make sure its fully safe by encrypting the data inside our server. We are also working on Blockchain Technology to make everything is secured.

6) Do we get Support on how to use Yelefo ?

We make sure it is user-friendly. If in need, we can also guide you throught Live chat.