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The Only Website which is Designed to Connect Manufacturers and Distributors!

In this Website, you can know which manufacturer is looking for distributors and which distributor is ready to engage. We are keep on updating the status of each manufacturer to make sure they update the Distributors requirement Regularly.

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The basic need of Registration is to make us know who, what, where, how you are?. we get to the information and make it secured so that no one sees it unless you accept to show.

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  • Contact Person Details
  • Login Details


To access the portal you need to login by providing your acutal details. We have done AES to encrypt all your data, so its safe with us.

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Initially we have to list all our product with an impressive images, so clients will search and send you the request.

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  • Update Locations
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Why Yelefo?

User Friendly

Yelefo make sure the website is userfriendly, so there isn't much to teach you but we will help you if you face any problems.

Organic Leads

If you post anywhere all the reference which you get won't be an actual lead, but here in yelefo, we make sure you get only the actual Leads.

Totally Free

We are providing this service for free so it will be helpful for you to upgrade your business but we will validate whether you are genuine.


Yelefo make sure all the datas are safe and would never show unless you want to reveal to them.

Everything you need

If you are Searching for Manufacturer or Distributor, there aren't any great platform which provides you the best service and you won't be getting more results, but Yelefo keep on increasing our client so it would eventually helps you better.

Quick Support

We have Integrated Live Chat Support where you can inform us what you need in an instant and get clear of it.

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